Painting Bedroom Doors for a New Look

Painting Bedroom Doors for a New Look

Person painting bedroom door

The bedroom should serve as a cozy and safe space. Maybe you’ve already painted your walls a warm and soothing color to match and exude that feeling of comfort. But something is missing … perhaps a slight splash of color would spruce it up?

If you’re anxious about diving into a full accent wall, consider painting the bedroom door instead!

Painting bedroom doors is a small commitment that’s easily altered and can be a great way to add some panache!

Unsure what colors to use or how to do the job yourself? Let the painting pros at Paint to Perfection be your palette guide and your how-to guru!

Bedroom Door Paint Color Ideas

Here are a few excellent colors to consider for your bedroom door:

  • Blushing (SW 6617)
    • A pleasing tone just flirting with pink, this nearly neutral color could provide the subtle pop you’re looking for.
  • Bluebell (SW 6793)
    • This cheery and bright light blue could be the welcoming tone you’re after to make a statement.
  • Aquastone (SW 9043)
    • This deeper, more brooding color is wonderful for the calm and soothing vibes that a bedroom should project.
  • Cloak Gray (SW 6278)
    • Stately and pronounced, a rich gray can make a proud statement and retain a classic look.

How to Paint a Bedroom Door

So, you’ve picked out the perfect paint color, and now you’re ready to paint your bedroom door. Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer and nail
  • Drop cloth or tarp
  • Sanding block or electric sander
  • Clean rags or cloth
  • Paintbrush
  • 4-inch paint roller
  • Paint of choice

Step-by-Step Instructions for Door Painting

  1. Remove the Door

The first thing you’ll do is remove the door from the hinges.

  • Close the door and tap the hinge pin loose with a hammer and nail.
  • Tap the hinge up with a flathead screwdriver until it can be pulled out.
  • Crack the door open and pull gently to the side so it drops free of the hinges.
  1. Remove Door Hardware

Use a screwdriver to unscrew and remove all the hardware, including the hinges and doorknob assembly. Keep everything together in a box or container to reinstall later.

  1. Sand the Door

Sand the entire surface of the door with the sanding block or electric sander. The object of sanding is to remove the top layer of finish—the shiny stuff, and to smooth the surface of the door. Wipe away any dust with a clean rag.

  1. Complete Edge Work

Employ the paintbrush to begin painting the edges of the door. Start at the inside hinge edge and work your way around the door from the header to striker side to bottom.

  1. Paint the Door

Using the small roller, paint the door surface by running the roller the height of the door. After extending three to four widths with the roller, use the brush with a light amount of paint to finish and smooth out roller lines. Repeat until the entire door face is painted, and let dry. After the door is dry, flip the door and repeat this process on the other side.

  1. Reinstall Door Hardware

Use the screwdriver to reinstall the hinges and doorknob assembly to the door.

  1. Mount the Door

Reinstall the door on the hinges using a pry bar if needed to align the hinge leaves. Slide the hinge pin back into place and tap home with a hammer.

An Expert Finish on Every Door and Every Wall

Hopefully you’re satisfied with your freshly painted door and the pizzazz it adds to your bedroom. If this newly injected pop of color is making the rest of your bedroom feel drab, maybe it’s time the walls got a new coat too.

Give the painting pros at Paint to Perfection a call at (267) 469-1174 or schedule an appointment online and give your bedroom—or bedroom door—a fresh look!

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